How costly is your visual communication?

If you already have all the pictures and text material ready, and the website is not too big or require complicated functions, we can put something together in a day or so. It is simply a matter of what you need.

However – if the idea is that the website should do serious work for you; sell a product when you are away, present facts or background information while you are working on something else, then there is much to be gained by doing a proper job from the start.

Can you afford to be cheap?

A sobering thought is that your website is your company’s international rep. What should that representative look like? How much does a traveling rep cost? A bit of graphical flair and style is a very modest investment in comparison.

Invest in cost reduction

The industrial revolution lead to a wave of investments in automated processes to reduce costs while increasing production. In our information age, much of the development gains come through the automation of information and sales. A well developed website will perform ever so well when it comes to initial costumer contact, product information, and even sales. Just as in industrial production, the savings potential is often linked to the investment towards tailor made solutions to meet the specific needs of the company.

It is therefore not just a simple matter of the cost of the website, but instead a question of what potential for cost reductions and development that exist in the company. Even a one-man company will benefit from the new costumers generated through the web, without having to spend hours on the phone handling odd questions.