What do you need help with?

The media above all media today is the Internet. The distribution is free, and the scope is global. A website functions as traveling sales rep - around the clock, and around the world. Not only has the geographical distances been removed, we now also reach customers even in their homes.

A clear strategy for the Internet is the most cost effective way of reaching out today. All serious companies, regardless of industry, has a company presentation on the web. Most businesses however lack the internal resources to fully develop their Internet site. As a consequence, the internet presentation suffers. This is where we can help. A clear and well designed website is too important to be neglected. It has the capacity to be much more than just a contact page. Properly designed, your web site can present your products and services in a very effective way, and even do your sales, for you- for free!

Technical solutions

We can offer you everything from the common “template solutions” to a fully custom made website. You can get a simple website for just a few hundred €/$. Naturally, the short development time would be reflected in a rather anonymous design with limited functions.

A more serious website does require a personal design. Depending on how many pages, and number of advanced functions incorporated, it could take anywhere from 30-40 hrs of work upwards. Another factor is how much material, (graphical, photos and text, is already prepared. We can of course assist with both photography and writing, would you need the help.

We can offer you just the support level that you need. If you want full editing access, we can set you up with a Content Management System (CMS), which gives you the freedom and the security to update the content of the website whenever or wherever you are. Or, if you prefer, we can take care of all your updates. The choice is yours.

Another important complement is advertising on the web. We can also here help you with search engine optimization, strategy, design and placement of banners on the web, to drive traffic to your site. We also offer different web shop solutions, etc. There is an overwhelming flow of new technology, which makes the internet the media of unfathomable possibilities and great challenges. Let us help you.